Agency Information Systems

JND Solutions Ltd have released a suite of systems which are externally hosted adding value to your organisation. No need to think about expesnsive servers and the support required. All systems are hosted in a large data centre within the UK. Each system are competitively priced. For more details, contact us now.

case manager

Case Manager

Information is the key to managing your customers. Case Manager holds details of the case, customer, notes and actions. Specific modules deal with certain types of cases in more detail – e.g. Former Tenant Arrears, Abandoned Vehicles.

public relations365

Public Relations 365

Simplify the process of notifying your new or existing customers. Keep people up-to-date with newsletters without the normal hassle. Why spend all day notifying press agencies with your marketing releases.

gis tools

GIS Tools

JND Solutions Ltd have provided a number of components which are free to use to help GIS enable your web sites.

Geo code a post code to find its location